The queen's kingdom

Shayli's packaging represents the perfection of a compromise between elegance and environmental protection.
Both the design and the production of the 100% plastic-free packaging are Made in Germany. Without any environmentally harmful film coating, the plastic-free packaging encases the bamboo glass in which the saffron is kept.
Shayli is a purely natural product with the duty to honor and protect mother nature without having to forego people's needs for aesthetics and design. This compromise is reflected in the design of Shayli's packaging. The Federal Republic of Germany was chosen as the location for the implementation of Shayli's concept. The German nation embodies the readiness for harmony between rationality and emotionality in an exemplary manner.
In 2020, almost 480,000 tons of plastic waste were imported into Germany. That is about 13% less than in the previous year. Shayli would like to go with this trend and do her part to further reduce the shockingly high number. This is how Shayli from Germany, from the center of Europe, should explore our earth.