Shayli`s Glass

The fortress made of glass & bamboo

The diamond's glass house is 100% transparent and plastic-free. Real, pure, clear. Like the diamond itself. Only the completely transparent real glass gives the human eye the opportunity to examine the Super Negin Premium Saffron in full color and splendor.
Flexible and adaptable, but still stable and unbreakable. This characteristic of the bamboo tree played a key role in the birth of Shayli. So flexible in implementation, but stubborn in its mission. At Shayli, the glass encased in the Super Negin Premium Saffron is given a pure bamboo lid obtained from the People's Republic of China, which is fine-tuned and engraved in the Federal Republic of Germany.
Shayli uses the most modern laser technology of the modern age for the engraving. The German engraving with the Shayli logo, as the crowning glory of the product, is the final finishing touches to the diamond. With this final act, Shayli receives her crown. Carved into the bamboo, the engraving ensures eternal life.