Shayli's Super Negin Premium Saffron

The Diamond is Owned by a New Queen

The highest quality level and all saffron threads is called "negin". The magic is in its name. Translated, Negin stands for the diamond. As with a diamond, the quality of the negin saffron can vary greatly. Depending on the nature, purity and size. Traders established characteristics that distinguish high quality Negin saffron. Called "Super Negin" by experts and dealers. Super Negin saffron was the most precious stone of all saffron threads until 2020.

Through constant observation, development and improvement of all saffron cultivation conditions, humans created a new negin product in 2020, which asserted itself as the new No. 1 in the Middle East and the Far East. A saffron genus, which is characterized by the purity of its color, the strength of its aroma, the intensity of its taste and, above all, the above-average size of its threads. Unique in your creation, without any artificial influence in color, texture and size. The most extraordinary and precious diamond on the market today, an interplay of people striving for perfection and mother nature.

The Super Negin Premium Saffron

The Super Negin Premium Saffron conquered the Orient in less than a year. Today saffron traders and experts distinguish three negin products, which differ both in their value and in their price. Starting with simple negin, over super negin to super negin premium.
With Shayli, the new diamond should now discover the Occident. A product that is the culmination of man and nature, not stained by artificial or harmful substances, encased in 100% glass and bamboo, covered in 100% environmentally friendly paper without any plastic components, made in Germany.